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 Possessing Faith   “The chief part of faith lies in... an affiance to the truth; not the believing it merely, but the taking hold of it as being ours, and in the resting on it for salvation... Leaning on it; saying, ‘This is truth, I trust my salvation on it.’ Now, true faith, in its very essence rests in this – a leaning upon Christ. It will not save me to know that Christ is a Saviour; but it will save me to trust him to be my Saviour. I shall not be delivered from the wrath to come by believing that his atonement is sufficient, but I shall be saved by making that atonement my trust, my refuge, and my all. The pith, the essence of faith lies in this – a casting one- self on the promise.”     – C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)  
  Heeding the Bible’s Wisdom   “The children of Wisdom accept her words. They do not shut their ears against them. They do not slight them. They do not hastily and thoughtlessly disregard them. They give them what they are entitled to, a serious and deliberate attention. They listen, they remember, they meditate, they examine, they accept, they lay up for use.—The words of divine wisdom are now in the Bible. There the voice of Wisdom, and of God, addresses you. In reading the Bible, you should consider yourselves as listening to God. And it is a blessed privilege to have this Word in your possession,—to have God addressing you in it.”     – Ralph Wardlaw (1779-1853)  
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